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May 14, 2020

Quick recovery

Enabling the Next Challenge in a Short Period of Time An ideal recovery would be a quick, shortened period with maxi...

May 14, 2020

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement The lactate threshold is a good indicator of athletic performance in long-distance endurance sports. Breaking down large amounts of lactic acid quickly is the key to improving endurance. Taking Katsuo Stamina before and during a race helps to efficiently convert lactic acid - an unprocessed energy source - into energy to improve performance.

May 14, 2020

Reduce Muscle Damage

Reduce Muscle Damage In long-distance endurance sports, the key to speeding up recovery is the ability to control damage - to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and muscle fatigue.  Anserine, the active ingredient in Katsuo Stamina, helps to reduce muscle damage. It can be consumed effectively both before and during a race.
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