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Reduce Muscle Damage

Reduce Muscle Damage

Reduce Muscle Damage

In long-distance endurance sports, the key to speeding up recovery is the ability to control damage - to reduce post-exercise muscle soreness and muscle fatigue.  Anserine, the active ingredient in Katsuo Stamina, helps to reduce muscle damage. It can be consumed effectively both before and during a race.

Damage Reduction Shown by Experimental Results

Intense exercise raises CK (Creatine Kinase), an indicator of muscle damage and muscle fatigue. An experiment was conducted to examine whether CK levels were changed by consumption of Katsuo Stamina. 18 male students of a university cycling club were divided into three groups: a control group (6 students), a group taking 1.6 grams of KatsuoStamina (6 students), and a group taking 3.0 grams of Katsuo Stamina (6 students). These students were asked to do a certain amount of exercise. CK levels were then measured. Changes over time are shown in the graph on the right.

What is the Blood CK Level that Indicates Muscle Damage?

When muscles are damaged (injured or inflamed) by prolonged exercise, the blood CK (Creatine Kinase) levels will be elevated. This is why CK levels are far above normal right after finishing a full marathon. A decrease in CK levels in a short period of time means that recovery from muscle damage has occurred rapidly.

What is the Cause of Muscle Cramps?

One of the causes of muscle cramps is abnormal muscle contraction due to excessive nerve transmission to the muscles. The brain and spinal cord are constantly receiving relaxation and contraction signals. When your muscles are fatigued, they send out relaxation signals to the brain and spinal cord. However, during exercise, muscles also send out contraction signals to the brain and spinal cord simultaneously. These two signals contradict each other, which causes muscle cramps. KatsuoStamina shows the potential for relaxing the muscles and preventing muscle cramps due to muscle fatigue.


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