「One more second. The only wall is so high. 」
How many people have been in tears over the huge wall standing in front of the challenger?
I will never regret it again.
The development of a new sports supplement started with such a goal.
The tip was that the sea creatures, which account for 70.8% of the earth’s surface in nature, were given a hint.
At 60km/h, it’s Katsuo that keeps swimming without resting for the rest of his life.
The finished supplement changed the common sense of the past.
This is a revolutionary product that allows you to experience “hard-to-get tired endurance”, “reduction of muscle damage”, and “recovery in a short period of time”.
Katsuostamina’s mission is to support the excitement and sense of accomplishment of the scenery that can only be seen from the limit.
Beyond the limits, to the world of excitement.