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KatsuoStamina CM

Directions & Recommended Use


What are the specific effects of KatsuoStamina?

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KatsuoStamina is an endurance sports supplement that improves performance on the day of the Battle! There are three main effects
you can expect:

🏃‍♂️Improving performance (by breaking down lactic acid and converting it into energy)

🏃‍♀️Reducing muscle damage

🚴‍♀️Preventing muscle cramps

What sports does KatsuoStamina help with?

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KatsuoStamina is the ideal choice for long-distance sustained sports! These include marathons, trail running, cycling, triathlons, mountaineering, swimming, surfing, climbing, soccer, rugby, martial arts, baseball, rowing, and skiing.

What is the Migratory fish Peptide?

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It is an Imida peptide extracted from natural migratory fish. A migratory fish dies if it stops swimming, and it has a lot of slow muscles to support its movement.

These slow muscles contain large amounts of migratory fish peptides that help break down the lactic acid that builds up during swimming.

What's the difference between amino acids?

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Peptides are made up of two to three amino acids.
They are characterized by their stable structure and resistance to decomposition.
While an amino acid transporter can only carry one amino acid, a peptide transporter can carry two to three amino acids at a time, so it has better absorption than amino acids.
It also has the functions of lactate degradation and muscle damage reduction!

What are the ingredients in KatsuoStamina?

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Migratory fish extract is the active ingredient in KatsuoStamina.
Other ingredients are dextrin, reduced maltose syrup,  starch/microcrystalline cellulose, magnesium stearate, shellac.
We focus on natural ingredients and keep the additives to a minimum!

How to take KatsuoStamina?

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please check the recommended intake guidelines of KatsuoStamina.👇

Can children take KatsuoStamina as well?

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It can be used for children from elementary school age and up.
It can give your child a leg up at school sports or other endurance events!

Why is it important to take it before and during exercise?

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It is necessary to take it before and during exercise in order to convert the lactic acid in the blood that builds up during exercise into energy efficiently, and to reduce the CK (Creatine Kinase) levels, which cause muscle fatigue and muscle damage. Ingested Migratory fish peptides are absorbed and stored in the body, which helps to improve endurance and reduce muscle damage during exercise.

Is it a substitute for electrolytes or energy supplements?

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It is NOT a substitute for electrolytes or energy supplements. The benefits of Migratory fish peptide are to promote lactate degradation, reduce muscle damage, and reduce muscle spasms. It does not provide electrolytes or energy directly, so it can be taken at the same time as
electrolytes and energy supplements.

Is it dangerous to take too much? Is there a maximum intake limit?

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We have clarified the basis for the safety of our products by conducting safety tests. As it is derived from migratory fish, there is no such thing as an overdose, however, it should be used within the recommended dosage.

Can I take it on an empty stomach?

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Due to the natural fish extract, there is little chance of gastrointestinal distress. It can be taken on an empty stomach.

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