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Quick recovery

Quick recovery

Enabling the Next Challenge in a Short Period of Time

An ideal recovery would be a quick, shortened period with maximum efficiency. The key is to recover from bodily damage in the shortest possible time. Anserine, the active ingredient in Katsuo Stamina, is the key to such an efficient recovery, and can be consumed before, during and after a race.

What is Delayed Onset Muscle Pain?

Intense exercise causes microscopic damage to muscle fibers, resulting in inflammation and pain. Delayed onset muscle pain peaks 24 to 48 hours after exercise, and can last for several days.

Charge Up: the Resilience of the Katsuo Fish

When engaging in long-distance endurance sports, muscles experience temporary fatigue and weakness. After a period of time, the fatigue disappears and strength is recovered. The shortened recovery period allows one to start the next training session or race with rejuvenated musculature more quickly. The graph on the right shows the results of an actual survey in this regard. As can be seen, the muscles recover from fatigue to proper function more quickly. The total amount of training can be increased; performance can be improved.

Survey Results

We conducted a survey of users of Katsuo Stamina. We asked testers to describe their past and current recovery periods under the following conditions: while running the same distance (or close approximation thereof), cumulative elevation while running, and exercise intensity.

Katsuo Stamina Survey Statistics

Sports Events: Marathon (42km), Trail Run (50km, 80km, 100km)

Answer Period: June 1 - July 15, 2016

Number of Responses: Total 68

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