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Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

Performance Improvement

The lactate threshold is a good indicator of athletic performance in long-distance endurance sports. Breaking down large amounts of lactic acid quickly is the key to improving endurance. Taking Katsuo Stamina before and during a race helps to efficiently convert lactic acid - an unprocessed energy source - into energy to improve performance.

Changes in the Blood Lactate Curve Shown by Experimental Results

Six amateur runners (2-8 years of running experience) were asked to take a study under two conditions: taking Katsuo Stamina before their exercises, and not. Participants were asked to run via treadmill for three minutes six times at a gradually increasing pace. Lactate threshold was then measured. The results showed that lactate thresholds were significantly higher (shifted to the right) when Katsuo Stamina was taken in comparison to instances where it was not.Katsuo Stamina efficiently breaks down lactic acid into an energy source during exercise, which shows the potential for improving endurance.

What is the Lactate Threshold ?

The lactate threshold is the point at which blood lactate levels suddenly rise after a certain exercise intensity. The intensity of exercise that feels a bit strenuous, or the pace at which one runs giving rise to difficulty speaking, closely approximates the lactate threshold.The lactate threshold curve reflects performance in long-distance endurance sports. It shifts to the right for those who are highly competitive.

The Key to Increasing Lactate Threshold --- The Ability to Degrade Lactic Acid

The energy content of lactic acid in the blood is about 15 times that of sugar (glycogen). Efficient breakdown of lactic acid in the blood, and its conversion into energy, will lead to improved performance. In addition, blood lactate concentration is determined by the balance between production and breakdown. If there is a quick decrease in lactic acid in the blood, it is due to an efficient ability to degrade lactic acid. This results in increased energy.

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