KatsuoStamina (3 Tablets) - Sports Supplement for Marathon, Trail Running, Cycling & Triathlons. Better Endurance, Less cramps, Faster Recovery

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Katsuo fish extract is a peptide composed of two amino acids, β-alanine and methylhistidine. It is absorbed twice as efficiently as amino acids, and improves athletic performance. Experimental data from athletes and consumers have proven that Katsuo fish extract converts lactic acid in the body into energy, reduces muscle damage and soreness (by lowering CK levels), prevents cramps, and speeds recovery. Katsuo fish extract is most abundant in migratory fish (such as the Katsuo fish), which was used as an energy supply by ancient Japanese warriors. After years of research and development, we have  created KatusoStamina, which is tailor-made for improving endurance during physically strenuous exercise.


As intensity of exercise increases, the biological imbalance causes a build-up in blood lactate levels, which leads to muscle fatigue and impaired performance. Lactic acids contain a large amount of unused energy, which can be utilized by the aerobic system. KatsuoStamina helps to quickly convert lactic acid build-up in the body into energy. By using our product, you will dramatically decrease muscle trauma and muscle soreness, leading to quicker recovery times and an increase in performance levels. KatsuoStamina is the perfect supplement for marathons, cross-country running, swimming, rowing, skiing, mountaineering, triathlons, ball sports and other endurance-heavy activities.


The Informed-Sport seals are your assurance that each and every KatsuoStamina product has been tested for banned substances by the LGC, a globally recognized assurance program for anti-doping in sports nutrition products. In addition to production run testing, Informed Sport-certified products are also blind-sampled at the retail level up to four times annually. For more testing results please check KatsuoStamina at www.informed-sport.com/certified-product-brands. It is an FDA registered facility, and cGMP standard.

Nutrition Facts: Per 1 package (3 tablets (1.5 g))
Energy: 5.8 kcal
Protein: 1.13g
Lipid: 0.03 mg
Carbohydrates: 0.24 mg
Sodium: 0.017mg


Katsuo fish extract, crystalline cellulose, shellac, magnesium stearate, tricalcium phosphate


This product is pure, natural Katsuo fish extract, and can be taken by both adults and children (7 years old and above). As this product contains natural ingredients, the color and fragrance may vary. However, this does not affect the quality of the product. Store in a cool, dry place. Please consume immediately after opening package.

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